Golden Gate Canyon State Park - Bridge Creek TH to Shelter 3


July 9, 2000

Distance (GPS):

3.26 miles

Distance (pedometer): 3.72 miles

Elevation change:

551 feet

Hike time:

2 hours, 15 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

This may be the most popular hike in the park. Less than an hour from the parking spot at Bridge Creek, you'll find yourself at Forgotten Valley. Forgotten Valley is an idyllic place with a small pond and an old homestead to explore. The pond is suitable for fishing, though I'm not sure it's stocked (never seen anyone fishing there). Just a little further up the trail, you'll find Shelter 3. Golden Gate has four of these shelters; three-sided outbuildings that can be used for backcountry camping or to get out of the rain, if you happen to be near one when it rains. Each one is outfitted with a "mailbox" that contains a notepad or two and a pen (sometimes a crayon). Here, you can read the thoughts of others who have been there and write your own. This trail is multi-use and is popular with mountain bikers. I've seen a few equestrians near Forgotten Valley, too.

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