Golden Gate Canyon State Park - Ole' Barn Knoll to Gap Road


June 3, 2000

Distance (GPS):

3.5 miles

Distance (pedometer): 3.91 miles

Elevation change:

589 feet

Hike time:

2 hours

Difficulty: Moderate / Easy
Density: 4 (trail crew)

If you're looking for a good hike that won't tax you too much, this may be it. This hike parallels Mountain Base Road from Ole' Barn Knoll to Gap Road. It's some decent uphill, but pretty gradual. From Ole' Barn Knoll, you'll see mostly meadows for the first half of the walk, then trees for the second half. Private property and a tree farm to the west. I assume the first picture is the "Ole' Barn" -- it's the only old structure on this hike. The house in the second picture is private and has a "patrolled by guard dogs" sign facing the park. Bummer. This hike is an excellent example of uphill vs. downhill. For every minute spent uphill, expect to spend about 30 seconds on the downhill.

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Topo! Elevation plot

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