Golden Gate Canyon State Park - Bridge Creek to Rifleman Phillips


July 7, 2001

Distance (GPS):

4.1 miles

Distance (pedometer): 5.30 miles

Elevation change:

704 feet

Hike time:

2 hours, 55 minutes

Difficulty: Moderate / Easy
Density: 18 (+ 8 dogs, +4 MTB)

This was the annual trek to Forgotten Valley and beyond. If you like looking at old homesteads, this is the hike for you! There are two on this hike, plus a backcountry shelter. And, you won't strain yourself too hard. The park has boarded up the Tallman house (first two pictures). It was fun to be able to see inside this place, but I guess too many people were actually going inside. If you start from the Bridge Creek trailhead, the hike is uphill in, and an easy downhill out. The second homestead is kind of easy to miss because it's up above the trail a little bit. It's to your right, about .6-.7 miles past Shelter 3.

This is still my recommendation as a 'first' hike in GGCSP. It's not strenuous enough to be bad, and there is a lot to see. On the other hand, don't expect all hikes to be this nice. This completes the 'coverage' of the northern part of Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

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Topo! Elevation plot

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