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Welcome to my amateur radio page. If you find this interesting, get a life! :)

I was first licensed as a Novice as WNAMJ in 1970 at age 13. I took the test in 1969 and the license was issued on January 2, 1970 -- one of the first of the decade. I upgraded to General in April, 1971 and to Advanced in July, 1973.

In the "early days," I worked a lot of HF including many hours of CW as a Novice. In 1974, I became more interested in VHF/UHF repeaters and spent a lot of time with that (it was more popular then). Eventually, family and work took over and I pretty much got out of the hobby in the late 1980's. But I always renewed the license!

In 2003, my nephew Mike got interested in ham radio. His Dad (my brother, John) was WBLLK. Mike got his Technician ticket and was licensed as KCPQJ. I became interested again, bought some equipment and changed my call to KFRT. Meanwhile, Mike upgraded to General and my brother got his Extra. John changed his call to NTP. In November,2005 I passed the Extra test. Mike passed his Extra in December, 2006 at age 15 and changed his call to WTN. Three Extras in the family -- we got smarts real good!

I've now been a ham for 39 years and probably have as much fun with the soldering iron and drill press these days as I do operating.

As for this web experiment... I have no idea where it will lead or if it will even stay interesting long enough to take space on a server. We'll see... :)

73, Rob

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Page last updated 2 June 2013